STD Med, Inc. Welcomes G.I. Windows to its West Bridgewater Innovation Center

WEST BRIDGEWATER, Mass., March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- STD Med, Inc. is pleased to announce that medical device start-up company G.I. Windows, Inc. has commenced operations at our Innovation Center in West Bridgewater. Getting medical technologies to market is always a challenging endeavor; however STD Med through its Innovation Center is offering another option for start-up companies. STD Med is a 60 year-old contract manufacturing company which has reinvented itself as a multifaceted resource that med-tech entrepreneurs can utilize to cost effectively move their companies forward.

"We are pleased to have GI Windows join us in our West Bridgewater incubator to advance its novel technology," said Steve Tallarida, President and CEO, STD Med, Inc. In addition to providing office and wet lab space, contract design and manufacturing as well as financial and administrative services, STD joins a strategic group of investors by making a minority investment in G.I. Window's Convertible Debt Offering. "Starting, funding and managing new technology companies is never easy and we hope our experience with our other medical device start-ups, Angiolink, Arthrosurface, Spirus Medical, Cardiosolutions and Saphena Medical will make us a valuable resource for G.I. Windows," said Andrea Patisteas, Senior Executive Vice President at STD Med.

"We are delighted to be working with STD Med as we launch this exciting new company," said James Wright, President and CEO of GI Windows, "STD has a proven track record, helping young companies get started and mature to successful ventures.  We have high confidence that their team, working with the group from GI Windows, will enable the company to complete the next phase of its development and future commercialization."

About STD Med, Inc.

STD Med, Inc. is a rapidly growing and emerging leader in the development and manufacture of medical devices and precision machined components. Established in 1953, STD Med, Inc. is a privately held company with 3 facilities in Massachusetts which are ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, JPAL and FDA approved. Over the past several years STD Med, Inc. has incubated and invested in several new technologies including Angiolink Corporation (acquired by Medtronic), Arthrosurface Inc., Spirus Medical, Inc. (acquired by Olympus), Cardiosolutions, Inc. and Saphena Medical, Inc. and it is our intention to continue to pursue disruptive innovation in the medical device marketplace. Contact: Ross Garofalo 781-828-4400

About G.I. Windows, Inc.

GI Windows is an early-stage medical device company developing a non-surgical approach to create anastomoses in the GI tract.  Their technology is designed to enable a durable, intestinal bypass to address chronic diseases, such as Type-2 Diabetes and Obesity, without the cost and invasiveness of surgical interventions. 

Contact: James Wright, 781-436-4375 ext.1601